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Summer 2013

NJWC donates Summer Cookout In-a-Bag


BBQBags"What better way to start the summer than a family BBQ?" says Julie Stanwood of Northboro Junior Women's Club (NJWC). "Providing a cookout
to our community is a truly enjoyable project." Working with St. Bernadette School, NJWC members, members of St. Bernadette church, and the Northborough Mom and Tots Group, Mrs. Stanwood
and her fellow volunteers filled dozens of bags with everything families needed to have a fun cookout.

"This project is one we can share with our families," said Laurie Middleton, who has been leading the project for the past three years
with Mrs. Stanwood. "Our "junior" Juniors love being in charge of sorting the ice pops and stuffing bags. It is a great way for them to
give back to our community and to teach them not to take things for granted. Until they are exposed to something other than how they live
their own lives, our children don't always realize that there are people right here in their own town that are in need of basic things like food and clothing."

The pantry families truly enjoyed the wonderful treat! Thank you so much for your generosity.

If you would like to learn more about making a difference as part of NJWC, please visit their website, or attend their
Open House Potluck meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 24th, at the Trinity Church in Northborough. Social time 6:30pm; meeting starts 7pm.

Click here to see the food items that are needed most.

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Beyond the Numbers: Adriane's Story


At 63, Adriane did not know what to expect the first time she had to come to the pantry. She wore a hoody sweatshirt, and kept to herself. High medical bills, rent, and the cost of gas were making it difficult for Adriane to purchase enough healthy groceries.

"I was embarrassed and afraid," she said smiling. "Until another client put her arm around me, and told me everything was going to be OK." Since that first day, she has come to know the pantry as a safe place for her to get ingredients for making healthy meals.

"Sarah Rothery is wonderful, there is no other person like her," Adriane says about the Food Pantry's current director. She is upbeat and positive, and so very grateful the help the staff has provided. She is looking forward to giving back to the other members. "I love to cook, and would love to help out the pantry with classes and share my cooking experience."

When asked what she is looking forward to in the future, "Moving forward! Sometimes it's hard to look ahead and you do need to focus on today."

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Community Gardens: Saint Rose of Lima and Melican Middle School

Picture from St. Rose of Lima's Garden in full bloom. Photo Credit: Danielle Kahn

St. Rose of Lima

The St. Rose Community Garden has been providing fresh produce to the clients of the Northborough Food Pantry for the last six summers. During the 2012 season, the garden yielded nearly 500 cucumbers, over 600 tomatoes, almost 800 zucchini and summer squash, over 100 eggplant, 20 pints of green beans, and over 60 butternut squash. The garden is growing now and will soon begin producing vegetables for the Pantry.

The garden began in 2008 as the Eagle Scout project of St. Rose of Lima parishioner, Will Deady; an outgrowth of the Young Neighbors in Action program of 2007. The following year, the garden committee was formed to ensure continuation of the project. The committee oversees the planning and coordination of the garden and relies on volunteers from the parish to plant, weed, harvest, and deliver the vegetables to the Food Pantry. People from the larger community assist with rototilling, donating compost, delivering grass clippings to keep out the weeds, and providing the vegetable plants, and most importantly, supplying the water.

The St. Rose parish community is pleased to be able to continue to contribute fresh produce to the Food Pantry and in the process help out our neighbors in the Northborough community.

Melican Middle School


This spring students at the Robert E. Melican Middle School started a garden club with a mission to build two raised beds
filled with organically grown produce that will be donated to the Northborough Food Pantry.
By fostering a relationship with our local food pantry, students will develop a sense of ownership, stewardship, and empathy.
Furthermore, community gardens in schools promote nutrition awareness, peer acceptance, and active learning.

Members of the collective have been involved in all parts of the garden's life cycle and have learned lessons about hard work and community pride.
Like the education of youth, gardening requires patience and constant care for a successful harvest.

Thank you so much to both amazing gardens for providing our community fresh, healthy produce!

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